AlohaWe are Wags & Paula. Our story began in Jacksonville, FL, where we met. One day on the beach, Wags proposed the idea of sailing around the world. Paula didn’t run away and the seed was sown. Over the next 22 years, we worked, saved and planned to make that dream a reality. Wags retired after a career as a Naval Aviator in 2015 and Paula followed in 2016, leaving behind her Marketing career. Now, we’ve set sail for new and exciting destinations and experiences. We look forward to sharing them with you!

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  1. Happy New Year – 2020! WTF, crazy! We got your card again, thanks! We love them but aren’t so good at getting our own out. We just came back from Upstate NY. We are putting the finishing touches on our garage out there and had a delightful drive back through Chicago snow and North Dakota temperatures… We had taken one of our dogs out there with us. Do you guys check your earthlink email still? How do we send you some pictures? Fair winds and following seas! Love your adventure!


    • Hey guys! So sorry for the extremely delayed response – somehow we completely missed your message. Great to hear from you. Yes, we still check our EarthLink email (we’re just that old school 😆). Please send pics – we’d love to catch up!


  2. Hey, hey Paula … my wife turns 50 in January. Looking for someplace warm and fun to visit in January. Any suggestions?!


  3. Good to check on you guys and glad you are well and having fun! Hope to cross paths with you this summer. It has been a cold wet winter here. We are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. Dodger misses you guys!


  4. Hi guys, Met you at Dock 7 yesterday. Love your website. Will follow your travels as I always admire people who follow their dream to the max. Bob T.


    • It was great meeting you, Bob! It’s always fun to chat with fellow travelers. Thanks again for the info on Argentina, too – we’re already looking ahead to a side trip.


  5. Paula and Wags, as Charleston Heston said, “They finally did it!” Congrats on the journey. Kristina and I were just thinking of you. We are up the coast from you at Whistler in the sun and snow right now. Fair winds and following seas! Domer and Kristina


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