Ship’s Log

Wed 13 Jun
0615 Dep Puerto Ayora
0715 Eng off, sails up
1215 Eng on
1535 Anchored Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela
Eng 4.25 hrs

Sat 09 Jun
0725 Anchor up
0740 Eng off, sails up
1440 Eng on
1525 Anchored Bahia Academy, Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz
Eng 1.0 hr

Sun 03 Jun
0755 Eng on
0930 Anchored Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (!!!)
Eng 1.5 hrs

Sat 02 Jun
1100 Crossed the equator and held shellback ceremony!
1310 Eng off (17.5 hrs)

Fri 01 Jun
0930 Eng off (10.75 hrs)
1935 Eng on

Thur 31 May
0405 Eng on
1015 Eng off (6.25 hrs)
2240 Eng on

Wed 30 May
0915 Eng off (14.25 hrs)

Tue 29 May
0705 Eng off (35.5 hrs)
0855 Eng on
1050 Eng off (2 hrs)
1900 Eng on

Mon 28 May
No usable wind, motored all day
Lumpy, uncomfortable seas

Sun 27 May
1220 Eng off (2 hrs)
1935 Eng on

Sat 26 May
1020 Weighed anchor. Next stop, Galápagos Islands!

Thur 24 May
1050 Dep Panama City
1650 Anchored Isla Pedro Gonzales
Eng 6.0 hrs

Mon 14 May
0740 Dep Isla Contadora after very stormy, rolly night.
1355 Arr La Playita Marina, Panama City
Eng 6.25 hrs

Sun 13 May
1015 Weighed anchor
1515 Anchored Isla Contadora
Eng 5.0 hrs

Sat 12 May
1000 Dep Isla San Jose
1400 Anchored Punta Gorda, Isla Del Rey
Eng 4.0 hrs

Fri 11 May
0945 Anchored Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas islands
Eng 26.75 hrs

Thur 10 May
0700 Weighed anchor
Full day of lumpy, confused seas. Crossed shipping lanes middle of night in same.

Wed 09 May
0830 Dep Bahia Honda
1330 Eng off
1515 Eng on
1715 Anchored Punta Naranjo
Eng 7.0 hrs

Mon 07 May
0830 Dep Isla Cavada
1445 Anchored Bahia Honda, Lenera anchorage
Eng 6.25 hrs
TOTAL so far this season: 2053.7 miles

Sat 05 May
0950 Weighed anchor
1335 Anchored Isla Cavada, Islas Secas. Gorgeous, clear water. Good snorkeling.
Eng 3.75 hrs

Fri 04 May
0530 Eng on
0840 Anchored Isla Parida, Panama 🇵🇦
Pretty, secluded anchorage.
Eng 13.0 hrs

Thur 03 May
1245 Dep Golfito, Costa Rica
2345 (Panama time, 1 hr ahead) Eng off, sails up

Mon 30 Apr
0730 Dep Bahia del Rincon
0915 Anchored Osa Wildlife Sanctuary
1115 Dep Osa WS
1130 Anchored Playa Cativa eco resort for lunch
1400 Weighed anchor
1600 Arr Golfito Marina, Golfito
Eng 4.0 hrs

Sat 28 Apr
0500 Weighed anchor
1800 Anchored Bahia del Rincon
Eng 13.0 hrs

Wed 25 Apr
0830 Dep Punta Quepos
1745 Anchored Bahia Drake
Eng 9.25 hrs

Tue 24 Apr
0645 Dep Punta Quepos
0745 Anchored Bahia Manuel Antonio (day trip to national park)
1415 Weighed anchor
1515 Anchored Punta Quepos
Eng 2.0 hrs

Mon 23 Apr
0845 Weighed anchor
1630 Anchored Punta Quepos
Eng 7.75 hrs

Sat 21 Apr
0815 Dep Islas Cedros/Jesusita
0845 Sails up, eng off
1115 Sails in, eng on
1145 Anchored Punta Leona
Eng 1.0 hrs

Thur 19 Apr
0600 Dep Ballena Bay
0740 Anchored Playa Curu for nature park exploration
1250 Weighed anchor
1445 Anchored Islas Cedros/Jesusita
Eng 3.5 hrs

Mon 16 Apr
0600 Anchored Bahia Ballena
Eng 13.25 hrs

Sun 15 Apr
1645 Dep Tamarindo

Sat 14 Apr
0910 Weighed anchor
1210 Anchored Tamarindo
Eng 3.0 hrs

Fri 13 Apr
1120 Dep Marina Papagayo
1150 Eng off
1205 Wind died; eng on
1405 Anchored Bahia Guacamaya
Eng 2.5 hrs

Tue 10 Apr
0915 Dep Playas del Coco
1115 Arr Marina Papagayo
Took on fuel
Eng 2.0 hrs

Fri 06 Apr
1000 Weighed anchor
1345 Anchored Playa del Coco
Eng 3.75 hrs

Thur 05 Apr
0745 Weighed anchor
0845 Eng off
1100 Eng on
1245 Anchored Bahia Potrero Grande
Eng 2.75 hrs

Mon 02 Apr
1330 Dep San Juan del Sur
1700 Anchored Bahia Santa Elena, Costa Rica
All sailing (except dep and arr)
Eng 0.5 hrs

Fri 30 Mar
0845 Anchored San Juan del Sur in 30 kts of wind
Eng 21.75 hrs

Thur 29 Mar
1100 Dep Marina Puesta del Sol

Sun 25 Mar
0800 Arr Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua
Eng 23.5 hrs

Sat 24 Mar
0745 Dep Bahia del Sol with a sporty bar crossing
0840 Eng off, Sails up, 13-15 kts of wind
0925 Eng on, wind died suddenly then shifted to our nose

Mon 05 Mar
0855 Eng off
0925 Eng back on
1110 Anchored outer anchorage, Bahia del Sol, El Salvador, awaiting high tide for bar crossing
1615 Weighed anchor
1715 Crosses bar
1745 Arr Bahia del Sol Marina
Eng 35.25 hrs

Sun 04 Mar
1050 Eng off
1135 Eng on
1215 Eng off (try again)
Very rough, sloppy seas off the coast of Guatemala, but strong winds made for fast sailing.
1745 Eng on

Sat 03 Mar
1645 Fuel topped off, inspection complete. Dep Puerto Chiapas; exit México.

Tue 27 Feb
1150 Arr Marina Chiapas
Eng 41.75 hrs

Mon 26 Feb
1410 Eng off
1730 Eng on
1150 Arr Marina Chiapas
Eng 41.75 hrs

Sun 25 Feb
1215 Dep Huatulco for Golfo de Tehuantepec crossing
1230 Eng off, sails up, wind 16 kts
1620 Sub-3 kts seen; Eng on

Sat 24 Feb
1115 Arr Marina Chahue, Huatulco
Eng 34.5 hrs

Fri 23 Feb
1320 Anchored Bahia Chacahua for lunch and siesta. Morning was full of marine life – dolphins, turtles, rays, whales.
1615 Weighed anchor. No wind; motoring.

Thur 22 Feb
1115 Dep Acapulco
1215 Eng off, sailing time!
2355 Eng on. Brown booby hitched a ride until Wags shoo’d him off.

Mon 19 Feb
0930 Arr Acapulco
Eng 15.2 hrs

Sun 18 Feb
1315 Dep Zihuatenejo
1345 Eng off, sails up
1850 Eng on

Sat 17 Feb
Daysail, snorkeling and sunset w/the Grabans!
Eng 1.0 hrs

Thur 15 Feb
Holding tank dump
Eng 1.5 hrs

Fri 10 Feb
1000 Weighed anchor
Sailfest Parade to Ixtapa, two Canadian guests, Denise and Krys, on board. Great sail back; young humpback spotted at Zihua bay entrance.
1400 Anchored Zihua
Eng 1.5 hrs

Thur 08 Feb
1030 Weighed anchor
Gaddy’s 1st race! Zihua Sailfest, Rally ‘Round the Rock
1315 Anchored Zihua
Eng 0.75 hrs

Tue 06 Feb
1030 Weighed anchor
Holding tank tour
1230 Anchored Zihua
Eng 2.0 hrs

Sun 28 Jan
1445 Dep Isla Grande
1630 Anchored Zihuatanejo
Eng 1.75 hrs

Sat 27 Jan
0500 Dep Caleta de Campos
1630 Anchored Isla Grande, Ixtapa – whale breached 20 yds off our beam on our way in!
Eng 11.5 hrs

Fri 26 Jan
0430 Wind died, eng on
0900 Eng off, fingers crossed
0930 Eng back on, no wind (again)
1440 Anchored Caleta de Campos. Quite rolly but beautiful.
Eng 10.25 hrs

Thur 25 Jan
1650 Dep Carrizal
1720 Sails up, eng off

Wed 24 Jan
1030 Dep Barra de Navidad
1415 Anchored Ensenada Carrizal
Eng 3.75 hrs

Mon 15 Jan
1015 Weighed anchor (after watching whales swim right through the anchorage!)
1245 Arr Barra de Navidad
Eng 2.5 hrs

Fri 12 Jan
1000 Dep Chamela Bay
1430 Anchored Tenacatita Bay
Eng 4.5 hrs

Tue 09 Jan
0700 Dep Punta de Mita
2100 Anchored Chamela Bay
Eng 14.0 hrs

Mon 08 Jan
1500 Dep Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta
1730 Anchored Punta de Mita
Eng 2.5 hrs

Sun 07 Jan 2018
Oil and filter change

Thur 21 Dec
1045 Dep Opequimar
Daysail around Banderas Bay w/Chris & Steph; whales sighted!
1545 Arr Paradise Village on max ebb; very sporty approach to stern tie docking
Eng 3.5 hrs

Mon 18 Dec
0815 Dep Paradise Village Marina
0915 Arr Opequimar for haulout and bottom paint
Eng 1.0 hr

Thur 7 Dec
1000 Dep Paradise Village Marina
Daysail w/Chris & Steph
1600 Arr Paradise Village Marina
Eng 2.0 hrs

Wed 17 May
1045 Dep Marina Vallarta
1200 Arr Paradise Village Marina, Nuevo Vallarta
Eng 1.25 hrs

Sun 14 May
1100 Dep Punta de Mita
1120 Eng off; 1150 Eng on
1430 Arr Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta
Eng 3.0 hrs

Sat 13 May
0915 Dep Bahia Chamela
2300 Anchored Punta de Mita
Eng 13.75 hrs

Fri 12 May
0745 Weighed anchor. Seahorse on the chain!
1230 Anchored Bahia Chamela
Eng 4.75 hrs

Thur 11 May
0900 Dep Barra de Navidad
1115 Anchored Bahia Tenacatita
Eng 2.25 hrs

Tue 25 Apr
1045 Dpt Bahia Tenacatita
1245 Anchored Cuastecomate, lunch / siesta stop
1500 Weighed anchor
1600 Arr Barra de Navidad
Eng 3.0 hrs

Sun 23 Apr
1000 Dpt Paraiso
1415 Anchored Bahia Tenacatita
Eng 4.25 hrs

Fri 21 Apr
1030 Anchor up
1200 Anchored Paraiso
Eng 1.5 hrs

Thur 20 Apr
0830 Dpt Punta Ipala
1645 Anchored Bahia Chamela
Eng 8.25 hrs

Wed 19 Apr
0700 Weighed anchor
1345 Anchored Punta Ipala. Rolly anchorage, stern anchor needed.
Eng 5.75 hrs

Tue 18 Apr
1145 Dpt Nuevo Vallarta
1430 Anchored Punta de Mita
Eng 2.75 hrs

Sat 08 Apr
1000 Dpt La Cruz
1115 Arr Paradise Village Marina, Nuevo Vallarta
Eng 1.25 hrs

Tue 04 Apr
1115 Dpt Punta de Mita
1300 Arr Marina Nayarit, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
Eng 1.75 hrs

Sun 02 Apr
0845 Weighed anchor
1015/1115 (time change) We’re sailing! Eng off
1345 Eng on
1600 Anchored Punta de Mita, Banderas Bay
Eng 3.75 hrs

Fri 31 Mar
0845 Dpt San Blas
1215 Anchored Chacala
Eng 3.5 hrs

Sat 26 Mar
Happy birthday Wags!!
0745 Weighed anchor
1445 Anchored Mantanchen Bay, San Blas
Eng 7.0 hrs

Sat 25 Mar
1000 Anchored Isla Isabel, the “Galapagos of Mexico”
Eng 16.5 hrs

Fri 24 Mar
1730 Dep Mazatlan

Tue 25 Apr
1045 Dpt Bahia Tenacatita
1245 Anchored Cuastecomate, lunch / siesta stop
1500 Weighed anchor
1600 Arr Barra de Navidad
Eng 3.0 hrs

Sun 23 Apr
1000 Dpt Paraiso
1415 Anchored Bahia Tenacatita
Eng 4.25 hrs

Fri 21 Apr
1030 Anchor up
1200 Anchored Paraiso
Eng 1.5 hrs

Thur 20 Apr
0830 Dpt Punta Ipala
1645 Anchored Bahia Chamela
Eng 8.25 hrs

Wed 19 Apr
0700 Weighed anchor
1345 Anchored Punta Ipala. Rolly anchorage, stern anchor needed.
Eng 5.75 hrs

Tue 18 Apr
1145 Dpt Nuevo Vallarta
1430 Anchored Punta de Mita
Eng 2.75 hrs

Sat 08 Apr
1000 Dpt La Cruz
1115 Arr Paradise Village Marina, Nuevo Vallarta
Eng 1.25 hrs

Tue 04 Apr
1115 Dpt Punta de Mita
1300 Arr Marina Nayarit, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
Eng 1.75 hrs

Sun 02 Apr
0845 Weighed anchor
1015/1115 (time change) We’re sailing! Eng off
1345 Eng on
1600 Anchored Punta de Mita, Banderas Bay
Eng 3.75 hrs

Fri 31 Mar
0845 Dpt San Blas
1215 Anchored Chacala
Eng 3.5 hrs

Sat 26 Mar
Happy birthday Wags!!
0745 Weighed anchor
1445 Anchored Mantanchen Bay, San Blas
Eng 7.0 hrs

Sat 25 Mar
1000 Anchored Isla Isabel, the “Galapagos of Mexico”
Eng 16.5 hrs

Fri 24 Mar
1730 Dep Mazatlan

Tues 31 Jan
0900 Weighed anchor
1015 Berthed at El Cid Marina, Mazatlan
Eng 1.25 hrs

Mon 30 Jan
2110 Anchored off Isla Venados, Mazatlan
Eng 31.25 hrs

Sun 29 Jan
1300 Dep Topolobampo
1500 Eng off, sails up, 10 kts of wind
1550 Eng on

Thurs 19 Jan
1100 Arr Marina Palmira, Topolobampo. Soft grounding in channel (no assistance req.)
Eng 18.25 hrs

Wed 18 Jan
1445 Dep Isla Carmen
1500 Eng off, sails up
1745 Eng on to charge batteries

Tues 17 Jan
0930 Dep Pto Ballandra
1330 Anchored Bahia Salinas, Isla Carmen
Eng 4.0 hrs

Mon 16 Jan
1145 Dep Puerto Escondido
1230 Lunch stop, Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante
1330 Dep Honeymoon Cove
1600 Anchored Pto Ballandra, Isla Carmen
Eng 3.25 hrs

Sat 14 Jan
0810 Weighed anchor
1210 Moored Puerto Escondido

Fri 13 Jan
1030 Dep Timbabiche
1045 Eng off, sails up
1115 Eng on
1500 Anchored Bahia Agua Verde
Eng 4.0 hrs

Thur 12 Jan
0845 Weighed anchor
1245 Anchored Timbabiche (Bahia San Carlos)
Eng 4.0 hrs

Wed 11 Jan
1215 Dep Isla San Francisco
1400 Anchored San Evaristo
Eng 1.75 hrs

Tues 10 Jan
0700 Dep La Paz (0.5 hr fuel stop on way out)
1145 Eng off, sails up
1230 Eng back on – fun while it lasted
1500 Anchored Isla San Francisco
Eng 6.75 hrs

Wed 04 Jan
0930 Dep Ensenada Grande
1215 Lunch and snorkel stop @ Caleta Lobos
1500 Weighed anchor
1630 Arr La Paz
Eng 4.25 hrs

Tues 03 Jan
1030 Weighed anchor
1115 Anchored Ensenada Grande
Eng 0.75 hrs

Mon 02 Jan 2017
1040 Dep La Paz for Espiritu Santos w/crew, Jessie & Dave
133q0 Fish on! Fresh tuna for dinner tonight!
1440 Anchored El Mezteno cove
Eng 4.0 hrs

Sat 17 Dec
1030 Dep El Mezteno
1315 Lunch stop, Caleta Lobos
1430 Weighed anchor
1630 Arr Marina Cortez, La Paz
Eng 4.75 hrs

Wed 14 Dec
0945 Dep Ensenada de la Raza
Scouted Caleta el Caldero en route
1030 Anchored El Mezteno
Eng 0.75 hrs

Tues 13 Dec
1040 Dep La Paz for a few days in the Espiritu Santos islands
1410 Anchored Ensenada de la Raza, Isla Espiritu Santo
Eng 3.5 hrs

Sat 26 Nov
1100 Dep Caleta Lobos
1245 Arr Marina Cortez, La Paz
Eng 1.75 hrs

Fri 25 Nov
0645 Weighed anchor, dep Los Muertos
Rougher than expected conditions.
1445 Anchored Caleta Lobos
Eng 8.0 hrs

Mon 20 Nov
0700 Dep Puertos Los Cabos
0800 Sails up, eng off
0845 Eng back on
1845 Anchored Bahia de Los Muertos
Eng 11.0 hrs

Thurs 10 Nov
1215 Arr Puerto Los Cabos Marina, San Jose del Cabo
Refueled ~105 gal.
Baja Ha-Ha leg 3 complete!
Eng 30.5 hrs

Wed 09 Nov
0545 Dep Bahia de Santa Maria

Sun 06 Nov
Fish on! First keeper.
2130 Anchored Bahia de Santa Maria. Baja Ha-Ha leg 2 complete.
Eng 24.0 hrs

Sat 05 Nov
0715 Weighed anchor, Dep Bahia de Tortugas.
0915 Motor off.
Great day of sailing! 15-20 kt wind, 5-7 ft seas w/Ling period.
2330 Low wind. Motor on.

Thur 03 Nov
0015 Anchored Bahia de Tortugas.
Eng 9.25 hrs

Wed 02 Nov
1500 Eng on in light wind (finally), trying to make Bahia de Tortuga tonight.
Diverted to assist on distress call from a fellow Ha-Ha boat. Stood offshore and relayed radio communications. Unable to directly assist vessel that went aground. All souls were accounted for and safely ashore.

Tues 01 Nov
Sailing off Baja peninsula. Winds 20-25 kts, seas 10+ ft; very rough and uncomfortable.

Mon 31 Oct
0940 Dep Fiddler’s Cove for Baja Haha start.
1340 Eng off
Eng 4.0 hrs

Sun 23 Oct
0815 Arr San Diego Harbor. Took on 29 gal fuel.
0830 Dep fuel dock
0945 Arr Fiddler’s Cove, San Diego
Eng 13.25 hrs

Sat 22 Oct
1515 Dep Two Harbors
1715 Moored Avalon for dinner
2015 Dep Avalon
Eng 2.0 hrs

Fri 21 Oct
0915 Dep Marina del Rey dock. Took on 73 gal fuel.
1445 Moored Two Harbors, Catalina Is.
Eng 5.5 hrs

Tue 18 Oct
0645 Dep Santa Barbara
1645 Arr Marina Del Rey
Eng 10.0 hrs

Mon 17 Oct
Changed engine oil @ 895 hrs

Fri 14 Oct
0715 Berthed Santa Barbara, CA
Eng 19.0 hrs

Thur 13 Oct
1130 Dep Morro Bay, CA
2245 Eng off
2330 Eng on

Tue 11 Oct
0730 Anchored San Simeon Bay for a few winks and breakfast (rolly anchorage)
1100 Weighed anchor
1515 Moored MBYC, Morro Bay
Eng 19.5 hrs

Mon 10 Oct
1615 Dep Monterey

Sun 09 Oct
0830 Dep Half Moon Bay
1800 Arr Monterey
Eng 9.5 hrs

Sat 08 Oct
0900 Dep Berkeley, San Francisco Bay
1415 Moored Pillar Point Marina, Half Moon Bay
Eng 5.25 hrs

Mon 03 Oct
1000 Dep Sausalito
1145 Lunch stop, Ayala Cove, Angel Is.
1230 Dep Angel Is.
1400 Arr Berkeley. Took on 58 gal fuel.
Eng 3.25 hrs

Sat 01 Oct
0830 Weighed anchor
1230 Moored Sausalito, San Francisco Bay
Eng 4.0 hrs

Fri 30 Sep
1545 Anchored Drake’s Bay, CA
Eng 28.75 hrs

Thurs 29 Sep
1100 Dep Eureka

Thurs 22 Sep
0645 Dep Brookings Harbor
1815 Moored Woodley Is. Marina, Eureka, CA
Eng 11.5 hrs

Fri 16 Sep
0830 Engine off (finally!)
1130 Auto pilot fail. Had to hand steer for next eight hours (5 under sail only, 3 w/motor assist) in 25 kt winds and 10-15 ft seas. Made decision to divert to Chetco River, Brookings, OR.
1930 Moored Brookings Harbor.
Eng 53 hrs

Wed 14 Sep
0630 Dep Neah Bay en route offshore to San Francisco

Tues 13 Sep
0745 Dep Roche Harbor
Had a visit from a pod of Dall’s porpoises; spotted several orcas and a humpback in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
1815 Moored Neah Bay
Eng 10.5 hrs

Mon 12 Sep
1200 Dep Anacortes, took on 56 gal fuel
1600 Arr Roche Harbor
Eng 4.0 hrs

Tues 06 Sep
1215 Dep Quiet Cove
1500 Arr Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes
Eng 3.75 hrs

Fri 02 Sep
1030 Dep Oak Harbor
1330 Moored Quiet Cove
Eng 3.0 hrs

Thurs 01 Sep
Replaced House battery bank (2x 8D)

Mon 29 Aug
Replaced Eng Mixing Elbow

Fri 26 Aug
Replaced Eng Impeller

Sat 20 Aug
0930 Dep Quiet Cove
1230 Moored Oak Harbor Marina. Time for boat projects!
Eng 3.0 hrs

Fri 05 Aug
0800 Dep Oak Bay
1200 Arr Friday Harbor, cleared US Customs
1230 Dep Friday Harbor
1615 Arr Quiet Cove, Anacortes – HOME!
Eng 7.75 hrs

Thurs 04 Aug
Moored Oak Bay
Eng 0.0 hrs

Weds 03 Aug
0530 Dep Nettle Is.
1930 Arr Oak Bay (east of Victoria)
Eng 14.0 hrs

Tues 02 Aug
1100 Weighed anchor
1230 Anchored Refuge Is. Dinghy ride up Lucky Creek for lunch stop. Only people there!
1445 Dep Refuge Is.
1630 Anchored Nettle Is.
Eng 3.25 hrs

Mon 01 Aug
1115 Dep Tofino. Heavy fog.
1630 Anchored Turtle Bay, Broken Group islands.
Eng 5.25 hrs

Sun 31 Jul
Moored Tofino
Eng 0.0 hrs

Sat 30 Jul
0645 Dep Young Bay
1045 Arr Tofino. Filled fuel and water.
1115 Dep fuel dock.
1145 Anchored Tofino Harbor.
Eng 4.5 hrs

Fri 29 Jul
0645 Dep Bodega Cove
Rounded Estevan Point in 20 kt winds and heavy seas.
1215 Anchored Hot Springs Cove for lunch
1300 Weighed anchor
1415 Anchored Young Bay. Failed to find trail to Cecelia Lake.
Eng 7.5 hrs

Thurs 28 Jul
0845 Dep Zeballos
1145 Anchored Bodega Cove, Kendrick Inlet
Eng 3.0 hrs

Wed 27 Jul
0845 Weighed anchor
1400 Moored Zeballos. Dinner at local inn with new friends from MV Carisma.
Eng 5.25 hrs

Tues 26 Jul
0930 Weighed anchor
1115 Moored Walters Cove. Lunch stop at Java the Hutt Coffee Shop/Kyoquot Inn. Great burger and free, fast wifi!
1330 Underway again
1515 Anchored Dixie Cove, Hohohae Is.
Eng 3.5 hrs

Mon 25 Jul
0545 Dep Winter Harbor.
Rounded Cape Cook and Brooks Peninsula. 6-ft seas, 10-20 kt winds, motor sailed entire way.
1230 Anchored Bunsby Islands.
Eng 6.75 hrs

Sun 24 Jul
0700 Dep Sea Otter Cove on high tide.
Rolly but fairly tame seas to Quatsino Sound.
1130 Moored Winter Harbor. Filled water tanks. Changed engine oil. Fresh snapper for dinner, a gift from a Canadian couple (and their dog Sky) on the dock.
Eng 4.5 hrs

Sat 23 Jul
0600 Weighed anchor
Skirted Nahwitti Bar via Reef. Rounded Cape Scott in very rough seas and 20+ kts of wind.
1130 Anchored Sea Otter Cove. Very shallow, anxiety-ridden entrance on +2 ft tide (depth finder showed 3.0 ft??!!). 13-16 kt winds in anchorage but very good holding and better than the alternative.
Eng 5.5 hrs

Fri 22 Jul
0545 Weighed anchor
Light winds, fairly calm seas and following current led to decision to cross Queen Charlotte Sound a day early.
1300 Anchored Bull Harbor, Hope Is. (north end of Vancouver Is.)
Eng 7.25 hrs

Thurs 21 Jul
0910 Dep Shearwater
1515 Anchored Green Is. off Fitz Hugh Sound. Enjoyed awesome whale show from anchorage.
Eng 6.0 hrs

Wed 20 Jul
In port, Shearwater
Eng 0.0 hrs

Tues 19 Jul
0730 Weighed anchor.
1715 Arr Shearwater Marina, topped off fuel, 290 litres. No moorage avail.
1830 Anchored in harbor.
Eng 11 hrs

Mon 18 Jul
0915 Dep Dunns Passage.
Heavy fog in Estevan Sound. Spotted SAR op off Lotbiniere Is (south of Trutch Is). Calm seas in morning increased to 20-25 kt winds and heavy chop in afternoon. Slow going.
1830 Anchored Alston Cove, Laredo Inlet.
Eng 9.75 hrs

Sun 17 Jul
0930 Underway
1015 Engines off, sails up!
1210 No more wind. Iron genny takes over.
1340 Anchored Dunns Passage/Weinberg Inlet
Eng 2.25 hrs

Sat 16 Jul
1030 Weighed anchor
20-25 kt winds most of the way. Made good time with jib and staysail assist.
1600 Anchored north of in Monckton Inlet, Pitt Is.
Eng 5.5 hrs

Fri 15 Jul
1030 Dep Prince Rupert
Caught ebb current entire way. Saw 9.8 kts in Petrel Channel!
1630 Anchored Newcombe Harbour, Pitt Island.
Eng 6.0 hrs

Thurs 14 Jul
0500 Dep Bullhead Cove early to beat building wind and seas. Transited Dixon Entrance via smooth water passage.
1600 Arr Prince Rupert. Cleared Customs. Moored PRYC.
Eng 11 hrs

Wed 13 Jul
0900 Weighed anchor as first float planes and tour boat arrived.
Fishing en route yielded salmon dinner.
1745 Anchored Bullhead Cove for last night in AK.
Eng 7.75 hrs

Tues 12 Jul
0715 Cast off lines.
0745 Took on fuel (78 gal) and propane. 0830 Dep fuel dock en route to Misty Fiords.
1545 Anchored Punchbowl Cove. Only boat in the cove.
Eng 7.75 hrs

Mon 11 Jul
Moored Ketchikan
Boat cleaning day. Caught up with friends on SV Alacrity and MV Silver Bay.
Eng 0 hrs

Sun 10 Jul
Moored Ketchikan
Said goodbye to Jessie. Laundry, provisioning.
Eng 0 hrs

Sat 9 Jul
0730 Dep Thorne Bay
Smooth Clarence Strait crossing.
1400 Moored Ketchikan
Eng 6.5 hrs

Fri 8 Jul
0700 Dep Exchange Cove
1445 Arr Thorne Bay marina
Eng 7.75 hrs

Thurs 7 Jul
0800 Dep Labouchere Bay
Several orca and humpback sightings en route.
1320 Anchored Exchange Cove
Eng 5.3 hrs

Wed 6 Jul
0600 Weighed anchor
Very calm waters around Cape Decision.
1315 Anchored Hole in the Wall for lunch. 1415 Back underway.
1500 Anchored Labouchere Bay. Whales feeding at entrance to anchorage.
Eng 8.0 hrs

Tues 5 Jul
0800 Dep Red Bluff Bay
Brief fishing detour in Explorer Basin
1715 Anchored Mud Hole, Port Malmesbury
Eng 9.25 hrs

Mon 4 Jul
Happy Independence Day!
0915 Weighed anchor.
1125 Arr Warm Springs Bay for visit to hot springs. 1330 Dep.
1645 Anchored Red Bluff Bay
Eng 5.5 hrs

Sun 3 Jul
0900 Dep Appleton
0945 Sails up; 1145 Sails down
1530 Arr Ell Cove. Toured in kayaks. Close encounter with bear. No fish for dinner.
Eng 4.5 hrs

Sat 2 Jul
1045 weighed anchor
Smooth passage in Peril Strait.
1445 Anchored Appleton Cove
Eng 4.0 hrs

Fri 1 Jul
1100 Dep Sitka. Rain, rain and rain. Gusty winds at entrance to Sergius Narrows.
1600 Anchored Baby Bear Bay.
Eng 5.0 hrs

Thurs 30 Jun
In port Sitka. Reprovisioned, filled water tanks.
Eng 0 hrs

Wed 29 Jun
In port Sitka. Jessie arrived. Visited Raptor Center.
Eng 0 hrs

Tues 28 Jun
0700 Weighed anchor. En route Sitka via Neva Strait and Olga Strait.
1054 Arr Sitka. Refueled, 56 gal.
1115 Underway
1130 Moored
Eng 4.3 hrs

Mon 27 Jun
1200 Underway Klag Bay
Lumpy crossing in 4-7 ft seas and 8-12 kt winds from the south.
1900 Anchored Sukoi Inlet
Eng 7.0 hrs

Sun 26 Jun
0930 Dep Kimshan Cove
Calm transit via Ogden Passage, Smooth Passage and Elbow Passage
1130 Anchored Klag Bay
Eng 2.0 hrs

Sat 25 Jun
Wx day Kimshan Cove
Eng 0 hrs

Fri 24 Jun
0750 Dep Pelican
8-12 kt winds, 5 ft seas in Gulf of Alaska w/current in our favor.
Upon entering Portlock Harbor, humpback just off our port bow, huge brown bear digging for clams on beach.
1220 Anchored Kimshan Cove
Eng 4.5 hrs

Thur 23 Jun
0715 Dep Elfin Cove
Sloppy seas in Cross Sound.
1030 Arr Pelican. All-boardwalk town, friendly people. Deb gave us a tour of her fish offloading/cold Storage scow.
Eng 3.25 hrs

Wed 22 Jun
0650 weighed anchor.
Detour for sea lion and puffin viewing before departing park. Very strong current across bar west of Glacier Bay entrance made for slow progress.
1550 Arr Elfin Cove
Eng 9.0 hrs

Tues 21 Jun
am Kayaked around Hugh Miller Inlet. Watched two brown bears play fight, saw raft of over 200 momma otters and pups, grey wolf, and two black bears.
1525 UW
1800 Anchored Tyndall Cove in Geike Inlet.
Eng 2.5 hrs

Mon 20 Jun
am hiked around Reid Glacier with friends from Madrone.
1430 UW
1715 anchored Blue Mouse Cove
Eng 2.75 hrs

Sun 19 Jun
1015 UW North Sandy Cove
1530 Anchored Reid Inlet. Sustained 20+ kt winds off glacier. Uncomfortable night.
Eng 5.25 hrs

Sat 18 Jun
0645 weighed anchor
1315 Arr Bartlett Cove for Glacier Natl Park check in
1500 Dep Bartlett Cove
1900 Anchored N Sandy Cove
Eng 10.5 hrs

Fri 17 Jun
Refueled (77 gal)
1030 Dep Statter Harbor enr Swanson Harbor. Choppy, windy conditions in Lynn Canal.
1630 Anchored Swanson Harbor
Eng 6.0 hrs

Thur 16 Jun
In port Statter Harbor
Micah and Amy departed. Reprovisioned and did small boat projects (caulking). Nice dinner in the city.
Eng 0 hrs

Wed 15 Jun
In port Auke Bay (Statter Harbor). Rented car and explored city. Met up with Mike and Angie from SV Madrone.
Eng 0 hrs

Tues 14 Jun
Lay day Juneau. Great tour of area by buddy Tom.
Eng 0 hrs

Mon 13 Jun
1030 Dep Taku Harbor. Great day of sailing (racing) our friends on Arctos to Juneau.
1630 Arr Juneau
Eng 3.5 hrs

Sun 12 Jun
0730 weighed anchor Ford’s Terror
0805 Transited rapids. No problems.
Visited Dawes Glacier. Beautiful day. Not too much ice to negotiate. Micah proposed. Amy said “yes” much to everyone’s relief.
1900 arrived Taku Harbor in building seas, strong wind and rain. Thankful for friends on dock to handle our lines.
Eng 11.5 hrs

Sat 11 Jun
Play day #2 Fords Terror
Eng 0 hrs

Fri 10 Jun
Lay day / play day Fords Terror. Surfed rapids!
Eng 0 hrs

Thurs 09 Jun
1000 weighed anchor over a rapidly rising bottom and a stiffening breeze.
1030 conditions in Seymour Canal-wind steady @ 25kts, waves 4ft short period current against wind.
Tracy Arm bar strong flood and full of pack ice. Waved off and proceeded to Fords Terror.
1900 Anchored in west arm.
Eng 9 hrs

Wed 08 Jun
Visited Pack Creek Bear Observatory. Viewed several bears, one as close as 70 yds.
1525 weighed anchor.
1900 Anchored Pleasant Bay. Two adolescent brown bears on the shore and whales blowing just outside the cove.
Eng 3.7 hrs

Tues 07 Jun
0900 Dep Cannery Cove for Windfall Harbor.
Whales, whales and more whales on the way – saw bubble feeding and breaching – plus a bunch of Dall’s porpoises put on a show.
1800 anchored Windfall Harbor.
Eng 8.5 hrs

Mon 06 Jun
0545 Dep Portage Bay. Weighed anchor with difficulty in strong current.
0735 numerous pods of Orcas and Humpbacks in Frederick Sound.
1100 Arr Cannery Cove, Pybus Bay
Dinghy exploration revealed an island full of bears.
Eng 5.25 hrs

Sun 05 Jun
1130 Picked up Micah and Amy @ airport. Reprovisioned with enough groceries to survive Zombie apocalypse. Weather was settled so decided to depart.
1630 Dep Petersburg. Passed our Friend Cap’n Andy on way out of the channel.
1930 Arr Portage Bay in rain squall. Anchored in good holding but noisy bottom with very strong current flow. Long night.
Eng 3.0 hrs

Sat 04 Jun
0845 Dep Ideal Cove. Mirror calm seas, no wind. Detoured to view icebergs on way to Petersburg.
1215 Arr Petersburg. Refueled, 16.5 gal.
Eng 3.5 hrs

Fri 03 Jun
Anchored Ideal Cove. Foul weather with heavy rain and fog in Frederick Sound. More bad wx forecast. Decided to remain in IC. Several other boats have made the same decision.

Thurs 02 Jun
0930 Dep Petersburg enr Ideal Cove
First whale sighting.
1200 Anchored Ideal Cove. Female Black Bear and two small cubs on shore.
Eng 2.5 hrs

Wed 01 Jun
Lay day Petersburg
Great dinner with the Brantuas family and Andy.
Eng 0 hrs

Tues 31 May
0630 Dep Wrangell. Transit via Wrangell Narrows.
1220 Arr Petersburg in liquid sunshine.
Eng 5.9 hrs

Mon 30 May
0845 Dep Santa Anna Inlet. Excellent holding. Weighed anchor with difficulty.
1427 Arr Wrangell. Smooth day via Zimovia Strait.
Eng 5.75 hrs

Sun 29 May
0725 Dep Ketchikan
1235 Anchored Meyers Chuck for lunch and a visit ashore.
1400 Departed Meyers Chuck for Santa Anna Inlet. Good run up Ernest Sound with solid wind aft and current in our favor.
1715 Anchored Santa Anna Inlet in a downpour.
Eng 8.4 hrs

Sat 28 May
Lay day Ketchikan
Changed engine oil, 382.7. hrs
Eng 0 hrs

Fri 27 May
0830 UW from Foggy Bay. Conditions smooth all day.
1430 ARR Ketchikan. Cleared Customs, no problems. Took on fuel, 84 gal.
Eng 6 hrs

Thurs 26 May
0540 Dep PRRYC for Dundas Island via Venn Passage. Passage transit was smooth-high tide. Chatham Sound initially blustery but settled out to light winds and calm seas. Dixon Entrance looked good, decided to press on to Foggy Bay. Crossing wx swell 3-4’long period wind 3kts.
1134 (AK Time) Anchored Foggy Bay
Eng 6.8 hrs

Wed 25 May
0640 Dep anchorage
Conditions across Chatham Strait wind 2-3kts seas 3′
0945 moored Prince Rupert Yacht Club
Eng-2.9 hrs

Tues 24 May
0945 underway from Lowe Inlet. Anchor was well set–took 15 minutes to weigh.
Encountered 18G20 and 5′ short period swell right on the nose, N end of Arthur Passage. Opted to anchor E side of Porcher Isl N of Bloxam passage.
1735 Anchored.
Eng-7.9 hrs

Mon 23 May
0640 dep Khutze Inlet. Overcast and cool. Wind calm.
1715 Anchored Lowe Inlet in 90ft. Cold and overcast. Gadabout suffered her second catastrophic cockpit wine explosion of the trip. Spirits still high.

Sunday 22 May
Lay day in Khutze Inlet. Trouble shot aft stateroom shower pump. (New pump required). Checked and topped off Eng and Gen fluids. Bear watched. Took dinghy to shore and hiked to the falls.

Sat 21 May
0645 underway after a long night of listening to the anchor chain drag across rocks. Anchor held well but no sign of mud on anchor when weighed.
Long day but most currents were favorable.
1520 Arr Khutze Inlet. Anchored in 70 ft off river mouth. (Identified edge of drying shoal.) Beautiful anchorage with large waterfall. Grizzly sow and two cubs sighted.

Fri 20 May
0925 departed Kismeet Bay for Oliver Cove. Winds in Fisher Channel 20G25 combined with unfavorable current made the transit north a slog. Upon turning into Lama Passage winds and current shifted aft of the beam and found us loping along at 8 kts under staysail and iron genny.
1600 arr Oliver Cove. Gill nets blocked the anchorage. Proceeded to Cockle Bay area in search of anchorage. CB was exposed to the strong NE wind and attempted to anchor in a cove to the North. Anchor wouldn’t hold in rocky bottom. Proceeded N in Mathieson Channel. Struck third log of the trip. A glancing blow, no damage noted.
1845 anchored in cove N of Arthur Island. Wind 8-15 kts.

Thursday 19 May
0945 Dep Fury Cove. Conditions in Fitzhugh Sound wind steady 20 KTs N-NW. Winds abated around 1200.
1455 Surveyed crab cove in Sea Otter Inlet. Decided to press on to Kisameet Islands.
1645 anchored Kismeet Bay.

Wed 18 May
0515 Dep Pt McNeil
Crossed Queen Charlotte Strait. Wind calm, sea 2-3ft
West Sea Otter Buoy reported 11.7 ft/14sec, wind 7.8G11. Made decision to continue across QC Sound. Encountered seas 10-15 ft, long period. Wind 7-10 occ G20. Uncomfortable ride. One crew lost to seasickness.
1545 Anchored Fury Cove

Tues 17 May
Berthed Port McNeil
Replaced freshwater pressure pump.
Filled water/diesel (59.7 gal)
Reprovisioned groceries. Full bottle wine explosion in cockpit while boarding.

Mon 16 May
0700 Dep Charles Bay. Hdg SW down Mayne Channel to connect with Johnstone Strait. Wind 15-20 G 25 on the nose, seas 3ft short period in the Strait.
1815 Arr Port McNeil, BC

Sun 15 May
0900 Dep refuge cove for Yaculta/Dent Rapids
1220 entered Yaculta Rapids (30 min ahead of planned xsit). Strong flood currents and eddies initially but manageable.
1530 Arr Blind Channel. Anchored in Charles Bay in 16 ft.
Sat 14 May
1100 Dep Melanie Cove
1330 Arr Teakerne Arm (waterfall). Paula set adrift in dinghy to take glamour shots of Gadabout in front of waterfall–Paula safely recovered shortly thereafter. Raised sails on way back to refuge cove. Wind in the teeth, lots of tacking.
1700 Moored Refuge cove.

Fri 13 May
1045 Dep Grace Harbor. Short trip to Prideaux Haven.
1245 Anchored Melanie Cove. Only boat in the cove!
Read, napped, completed one boat project. Hiked to Unwin Lake. Challenging 2-3 mile hike but were rewarded with a cold skinny dip in the lake.
Cocktails and Oyster appetizers picked right from the beach.

Thur 12 May
0930 Dep Garden Bay
Malaspina Strait calm with a following current.
1600 Arr Desolation Sound, anchored in Grace Harbor. Clear and sunny with light wind all day. Hiked to small waterfall and lake. Paula hit her head. I let her win in cribbage.

Wed 11 May
0730 Dep Clam bay
Xtd Porlier Pass @ near slack
Crossing of Strait of Georgia uneventful. Wind NW 5-10, seas 1-3 ft.
Arr Pender Harbor 1500, anchored in Garden Bay

Tues 10 May
0550 Departed Anchor Cove Marina
0715 struck log crossing Rosario Strait–no damage noted
1130 Arrived Bedwell Harbor and cleared customs– nothing confiscated
1200 Departed Bedwell
1330 Arrived Port Browning for provisions
1430 Departed Port Browning (strong setting winds)– no lost limbs
1800 Arrived Clam Bay (Btwn Thetis and Kuper Isls). Anchored in 5 fathoms.
Eng-9.6 hrs

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