Day 6: Searching for angle

It’s a partly sunny day, the fishing lines are out and crew spirits are much improved. Rough seas continued all day and much of the night. Although we had about 12 knots of wind, the angle we would need to be on to take advantage of it put us too far in the wrong direction and we risked being pulled even farther off course by the prevailing current. So, we started the engine at sunset and motored through the night. The seas finally started to calm around midnight and by this morning are reasonably comfortable. The wind has shifted around and we’re sailing on course with a nice close haul to beam reach. The main challenge is getting around the boat while heeling 10-15 degrees. We hope to make up some ground today and tomorrow if the wind speed holds in the 10-12 kt range as predicted.

Current location: Lat 02 26.382N Long 083 12.871W
Distance traveled: 137 NM

2 Comments on “Day 6: Searching for angle

  1. Your Brother Larry here. Visiting Mom & others in Ohio ’til Sunday. Sounds like your having a great ride, albeit a great challenge as well. Wishing you fair weather & smoother sailing. Xoxox!


  2. No comments except I love you very much & praying a lot for your journey to be safe & smooth the rest of the way!! Love, Mom


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