Day 2: Fishing fleet found

More of the same yesterday, light and variable wind most of the day and picking up to a steady 10-12 kts overnight. The seas have been fairly benign, although we wallow a bit when the wind drops. We’re settling in to a rhythm… sleep, eat, read, repeat. And we’re starting to throw in a couple of extras, such as a show or movie during dinner – last night’s show was Brooklyn Nine Nine. One of the boats that left the Galapagos ahead of us had reported encountering a Chinese fishing fleet about 300 miles offshore. In fact, two sailboats had snagged their long lines. We tried to time our departure to get us in the general vicinity during the day so we could see any dangers (if the fleet was even still there). Well, today, we found it… at least 15 large (200+ feet long) fishing boats with accompanying smaller boats. The closest we came was about a mile from the Fu Yuan Yu and we didn’t encounter any problems. We’re amazed, however, that there are any fish left in the ocean.

Current location: Lat 02 44.647S Long 095 36.238W
Distance traveled: 167 NM

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