Day 11: Jibe ho, again

The seas have calmed considerably, the sun is out, and a white tropic bird just cruised past for a closer look at us, all the way out here, 1700 miles from land. Unfortunately, like yesterday, the wind has shifted to the E/NE so we had to again jibe to gain some northerly direction. The swell is more on our tail, though, which makes for a somewhat comfortable ride. No other news to report.

Breakfast: Egg, veggie and sausage scramble, coffee

Lunch: Ham and cheese crepe roll-ups

Dinner: Black bean quesadillas with salsa and homemade sour cream

Evening entertainment: “Intolerable Cruelty”

Current location: Lat 07 03.011S Long 117 42.408W
Distance traveled: 180 NM

2 Comments on “Day 11: Jibe ho, again

  1. I wonder what kind of bird that was that was so far away from land! We’ve had two marvelous days in the 70’s, but now it’s going to get HOT again–NOT looking forward to that!


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