Day 13: Dead Calm

Last night was a frustratingly mixed bag of weather. We started our watch schedule in 12-15 knots of wind with smooth seas (perfect). At midnight it was raining and gusting to 27 knots (not ideal but we were moving). By 2:00a the wind had shifted 180 degrees and was pushing us in the wrong direction. An hour later, it died and left us becalmed and rolling wildly abeam to the swell. We took it as long as we could (which wasn’t long) then fired up the iron ginny and motored the rest of the night. With the wind back to its “normal” direction this morning we were able to turn off the engine and resume sailing. Ah… much better. It’s a beautiful sunny day and we’re nearing our “1000 miles to go” mark. A special treat may be in order.

Breakfast: Unleavened triple berry muffins with creamy Galapagos margarine, coffee

Lunch: Next day curried chicken salad and pepper jack cheese w/rosemary crisps

Dinner: Artisanal Farm to Table Lasagna Redux

Evening entertainment: “Super 8”

Current location: Lat 07 20.414S Long 121 49.568W
Distance traveled: 172 NM

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