Day 15: What’s it like out here?

The days tick by with a predictable routine… eat, nap, read, eat, evening entertainment, sleep, stand watch, repeat. We aren’t bored, as the weather and seas continually throw challenges at us – a sudden squall, a rolly motion preventing all manner of rest, a line in the prop (okay, that last one was us). During the day, there’s not a lot to see. The sky is blue, the ocean is a deeper shade of blue, the sun is hot. Occasionally a bird, perhaps a shearwater or petrel, does a fly-by as he searches for food. Today a brown boobie attempted to land on our solar panels but promptly slid off and settled for a water landing instead. The swell rolls underneath the boat and as the bow breaks the surface, schools of flying fish take to the air to seek refuge in the next wave. Inevitably, a few end up as casualties on our deck. We haven’t seen much other marine life but we hope to as we get closer to land. After dark the lights come out. Often there is bioluminescence putting on a sparkling show as Gadabout slices through the water. Last night, there was no moon and no cloud cover, and the stars were incredible. Being here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we can’t help but think how much light pollution prevents us from viewing this full spectacle elsewhere. As we count the shooting stars, we remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to experience it.

Breakfast: Encore of toasted Galapagos panaderia bread w/nut butter, honey and blueberry jam

Lunch: Salad of albacore tuna served between toast points

Dinner: Pan-seared mahi-mahi and black bean tacos w/ranch aioli and fresh cilantro

Evening entertainment: “Brooklyn Nine Nine” and “Modern Family”

Current location: Lat 08 45.266S Long 126 57.533W
Distance traveled: 185 NM

2 Comments on “Day 15: What’s it like out here?

  1. Beautiful description of what you see!! As for the fish landing on the deck, do you eat any of them? Too bad you’re out of eggs, but sounds like you have enough other food to last the rest of the trip! Had a nice day here yesterday, but now the heat is coming back. I walked Bailey after 8:00p.m. so it had cooled down some. Take care & God Bless! Love, Mom


  2. Amazing. All of it. Great job with the updates. Nothing quite like staring up at an unfiltered sky full of stars. It’s been fantastic to follow the adventure!


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